segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2009

Al Jarreau Música :Take Five Estilo: jazz

Won´t you stop and take a little time
out with me
just take five
just take five.
So stop your busy day and take a time
out to see
that I´m dive,
that I´m dive.

And though I´m going out of my way
just so I can pass by each day
not a single word do we say
It´s a pent to mine another time
still I know all eyes are for me
I feel tingles down to my fet
when your smile get´s much to discreet
sening me on my way.

Now wouldn´t it be better
not to be so polite
if you could offer a light
so start a little conversation now
it´s alright
just take five,
just take five.

OBS: Sem sombra de dúvidas uma das melhores !

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